Organisation Name: Pilates in Englefield Green


Lengthen, Strengthen, Tone & Relax

Group Classes held in Englefield Green

1-2-1 Sessions also available 

Group classes: Wednesday evening and Monday, Friday and Saturday mornings

New courses start regularly.

Pilates classes are suitable for all fitness levels.

Some of the benefits of Pilates are:-

1. Correct muscle imbalances

2. Improve posture & general well being

3. Lengthen and strengthen the muscles especially the abdominals and back.

4. Tone the muscles

5. Relax

Pilates exercises are slow and controlled movements using the deep abdominals back and shoulder muscles which can help to create a flatter tummy and protect the back from injury.

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  • Town: Englefield Green
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  • Contact #1: Kate Woolger
    Phone: 0776 9706779
    Mobile: 0776 9706779
  • Business Category: Health and Fitness, Pilates
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