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Favourite Links:

Arts Bagshot rooms to let
Education Library of congress - today in history - All the tests - The history net
Finance Schools Net
Health and fitness OandA
Legal NHS Direct - NHS - National Health Service
Maps Can you Trust them - Neighbours from Hell
Society Streepmap
Transport The Official US time
Travel Traveline UK
Walking Surrey Online - Transport for London - National Rail Enquiries from Railtrack - National Express coach services
Weather Walk4Life
Weather Weather Online - The Weather Channel

About Us

The prime purpose of the Ascot Village community website is a gateway to information on the local area in order to promote the interests of the residents of Ascot Village in all aspects of their lives. It is also for visitors to the area, prospective visitors and prospective residents.

A secondary aim is to help users of the Internet find their way around local information efficiently without having to spend lots of time wading through large search results from the search engines.


Ascot Village, Surrey, England